Commercial Foundation Slabs

Commercial buildings must have a reliable foundation to provide enough support for the structural stability of the building. Without a quality foundation slab, the entire building could be in jeopardy from settling or instability. At AM Contracting, we’ve provided builders with quality commercial foundation slabs since 2001. 

Benefits of working with AM Contracting include:

  • 17+ years of experience
  • In-house equipment for efficiency
  • Laser screed technology for precise work
  • Work is backed by 1-year warranty

Delivering Quality Work, Every Time

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service with each project we work on. The foundation of a commercial building is an extremely important part to the overall structural integrity of the building, so we take the time to make sure the job is done accurately and efficiently. Our concrete experts have the expertise to precisely lay our high-quality concrete so that it will provide enough support for the weight of the building. 

Laser Screed Technology 

Our in-house advanced equipment and technologies allow us to provide top-notch service and lasting results. We use our laser screed technology to lay the foundation precisely and in a fraction of the time. We’ve realized the importance of quality equipment when working on commercial jobs, which is why we’ve invested in the most high-quality and advanced technology on the market. 

Warranty for Foundation Slabs

The advanced technologies and equipment that we use allow us to provide precise work that is done right the first time. However, if there are any issues or need for repair after construction is complete, you are covered with our 1-year warranty.