Concrete Footing Construction 

Concrete footings are a very important part of foundation construction to provide structural stability and support for the foundation. The footings are made of concrete and reinforced with rebar for extra support. Laying concrete footings is a very technical process, so you want a partner that you can rely on to get the job done right the first time. At AM Contracting, we’ve been helping home builders across Omaha by laying quality concrete footings for foundation support for over 17 years. 

Benefits of working with AM Contracting include:

  • 17+ years of experience
  • In-house equipment for efficiency
  • Laser screed technology for precise work
  • Work is backed by 1-year warranty

Rely on Our Concrete Experts 

Laying concrete footings takes specialized equipment and precise attention to detail. Pouring the concrete precisely is one part of it, while installing the rebar is another part of it. The entire process must have perfect order and timing to be done accurately. Each project varies in needs and requirements, and our team at AM Contracting has seen it all. Rely on our team to provide quality concrete footing construction. 

Quality, Efficient Work 

While most other contractors need to rent their equipment, we find it very important to have our own equipment in-house. We own all of our products and technology in order to keep each piece up to our standards and make sure it’s all taken care of with the proper maintenance. Owning our own equipment allows us to provide customers with quality, efficient work. Our concrete pumping trucks and advanced laser screed technology provides the best results in a fraction of the time. 

Warranty for Concrete Footings

Our concrete footings are laid accurately to provide the correct amount of structural stability for the foundation. If there is a need for repair after construction is complete, you are covered with our 1-year warranty for all of our products and services.