Parking Lots

AM Contracting has built quality parking lots for commercial buildings since 2001. Over time, parking lots are prone to crack or crumble from the constant traffic or the sun’s extreme heat beaming down. Our expert team has the necessary equipment and high-quality concrete to provide lasting results to avoid cracking or bulging.  

Benefits of working with AM Contracting include:

  • 17+ years of experience
  • In-house equipment for efficiency
  • Laser screed technology for precise work
  • Work is backed by 1-year warranty

A Team You Can Count On

No commercial project is too big or too small for our team. We’ve helped many customers across Omaha build quality parking lots that can withstand the heavy traffic and provide lasting results. Our expert team can provide repairs from pothole damage, or start from scratch and pave a brand new parking lot from start to finish. No matter what parking lot needs you may have, rely on AM Contracting. 


In-House Trucks and Laser Screed

We’ve taken the time to invest in high-quality equipment that we keep in-house and use on all of our projects. While a lot of other contractors have to rent their equipment from other companies, we keep it all in-house in order to make sure all products and equipment are up to our standards for each project we work on. 

Parking Lot Warranty 

We build our parking lots with fine-tuned processes and advanced equipment to provide long-lasting results. We pave the parking lots in a way that will help avoid potholes and cracks from typical wear and tear. Since parking lots are a high-traffic area, you are protected for the first year in the event that any repairs are needed.